Tips on Buying your First ATV


Especially in cases of parents buying an ATV, dirt bike, or go kart for their teenagers for the very first time, safety is always a critical concern.  The wearing of durable Safety Helmets is always recommended while riding any type of utility vehicle or bike, regardless of the speed, terrain, or weather.  A helmet will protect the rider’s head from potential injury during possible accidents or spills.  An ATV is a heavy-duty machine.  Always make sure to wear a highly durable,  DOT approved  helmet at all times. If at any point you drop your helmet on a solid surface it is recommended you replace it before your next ride!

Not only are safety helmets required when riding all types of ATVs, but riders must also wear the proper safety gear.  ATV riders need extra protection to safeguard the head, eyes, and hands from possible flying debris, tumbles, and scrapes.  All-terrain sports sometimes involve flying dirt and mud while driving at fast speeds over uneven terrain through brush and foliage.  You can never be too careful.  Expect the unexpected.  Make sure that your apparel fits snuggly, but not too tightly.  This could jeopardize how well you can manage and maneuver the massive machine. 


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