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TB Stroker Kit 6

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***NEW**Stroker Kit

8/28/06 The kit now includes the proven Mikuni VM26 carburetor which will provide better performance and ease of tuning.  6/26/06 Our Race
Head has been updated for even more performance!  It now has 25/22mm valves
with better porting/flow.  We also kept the combustion chamber the same
size and changed the angle of the valves slightly.

This kit is the complete kit to convert your stock motor
into a powerful open class 117cc engine (much more powerful than
the common Chinese 107 and 125cc engines
) with tons of torque!  Also, this crank was made specifically
for the newer engines and thus, you will not have any fitment issues like
trimming the piston skirts in order to clear the crank or the piston not lining
up with the cylinder deck. The kit includes the following parts:

51mm Crankshaft with NTN bearings
– NEW Race Head – Larger valves (now
25/22mm) and better flow for increased
performance. Also has bigger cooling fins. Includes all necessary parts and
comes assembled!

– High performance race camshaft

Lightweight 54mm aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve, cast in mounts for skid
plates, and larger cooling fins.
– High compression piston with rings, pin, & clips
– Crankcase and clutch cover gaskets
– Head gasket kit
– NEW Genuine Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb
– Intake Kit for the Race head
– Jet kit with 3 different sizes (Stock size is a #195 – Extra jets sizes of
155, 165 & 175)
– Throttle Cable
– NEW Dual Layered Foam Air Filter

As with all 117cc kits on the market, installation requires engine disassembly and case
Therefore, we
highly recommend a professional technician install this kit and the cases bored
by a reputable machine shop. If you plan on installing the kit yourself, you will need to have a Clymer or Honda shop manual.
Instructions do not come with the kits but the installation of the crankshaft is
just like installing a stock Honda crankshaft and both manuals cover this. You should also have the following

– High volume oil pump
– Oil Cooler
– CR8HSA spark plug (not required, but recommended)

Note: If you are running the stock Honda clutch, we also
recommend upgrading yours to the Manual Clutch Kit with the Billet clutch
housing.  If you have one of our regular Manual Clutch kits with the cast
housing, we highly recommend upgrading the housing to our Billet Housing. The
stock housing in both the Honda clutch and our regular Manual Clutch kit is
not made for this type of power and may fail due to the extra fatigue. Additionally,
if you purchased one of our Manual Clutch Kits prior to
6/30/05, we recommend purchasing the Upgrade Disk Kit that we have available.  Also, do not
tighten the clutch nut with a hammer and screw driver – it must be torqued on!

See the
Performance Info section for additional information on our performance products
and links to instructions for the top end and oil pump.